Firearm Competency Training

We provide Firearm Training and assist with the complete process of licensing and renewals.

To obtain a Firearm Licence, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have no criminal record that involved violence
  • Have a safe mounted in your residence

Complete the required Firearm Training and apply at your local police station for Competency and a Licence to possess a firearm

Don’t sit in a classroom and listen to a boring lecture. Complete our test in your own time, whenever it suits you!
  • Step 1. Enroll for the course. The Assessor will explain exactly what to do.
  • Step 2. Take the workbooks home and in your own time work through the questionnaire and fill in all the answers.
  • Step 3. Return the workbook, the assessor will check and mark your workbook and will then also answer all questions you may have. You will also have to write a small close book test. This test is based on the same questions and is very easy.
  • Step 4. The assessor will then take you on the shooting range and provide you with the necessary practical training
  • Step 5. A certificate will be issued. We will assist you with completion of your application forms which you hand in at your local Firearms Registration Centre

The above process sounds complicated but if you trust us to guide you through the process, your Competency and Licence should be approved within 90 days.

We provide Accredited Firearm Training in the following categories:

  • Knowledge of The Firearms Control Act
  • Handle and Use of Handgun
  • Handle and Use of Shotgun
  • Handle and Use of Bolt Action Rifle
  • Handle and Use of Self Loading Rifle
  • Handle and Use of Handgun for business purposes
  • Handle and Use of Shotgun for business purposes
  • Handle and Use of Bolt Action Rifle for business purposes
  • Handle and Use of Self Loading Rifle for business purposes

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The price for 1st time applicants is R1500,00 plus R500,00 per additional category

Our Firearm Competency Training is accredited by the PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council) that is recognized by SAQA

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