Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor Handgun Range

Hand gun shootig range

25 meters • 6 shooters •pistols & revolvers • practice & training • protection

There are 2 Indoor Handgun Ranges one of which can accommodate 6 shooters, while the other handgun range can handle 8 shooters for a total of 14 handgun shooters at any given time. These ranges can be used for either practice or training. The pistol ranges provide for shooting to a maximum distance of 20 meters. On the second handgun range each shooting lane is equipped with a fast and effective electric target carrier, with pre-programmed stops every 5 meters so there is no guessing target distances, the target can also be stopped by the shooter at any distance in-between these pre-set 5 meter distance. Eye and ear protection can be obtained at the range office.

Indoor Rifle Range

100 meters • 2 shooters • Target spotting camera system

Indoor Rifle Range consisting of a 100 meter range they can used by 2 shooters simultaneously. Another nice touch is that cameras let you see your shots on the target from the comfort of the shooting bench without having to walk all the way to the target.