Shooters Coffee Shop

Shooters Coffee Shop

They say that a good cup ‘a’ joe brings people together.

Shooters Coffee Shop Sure Focus shooting Range Johannesburg

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, a great cup of coffee is a great cup of coffee. Shooters Coffee Shop is a homely refreshment pit-stop with a friendly farm atmosphere where you can sit-down  and enjoy the laid back communal feel of the space and snack on a bite or two. All are welcome – we cater for any age.

After a great day at the shooting range, take a load off at our fully stocked bar and let loose with friends where you will encounter an out of this world experience. We offer a wide range of wines, beer and cocktails. The bar is filled with old-world charm and is engineered to get people talking.

Visitors can also relax and enjoy our big variety menu with best blend, freshly ground coffee and other premium refreshments. You can expect service of the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail. We also accommodate big or small functions from birthday celebrations, baby showers & high tea parties. Bring a friend or two-or three and make some new ones while you throw back a delicious cup of coffee at Shooters Coffee Shop.